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What Hard Work Gets You! Congrats

What hard work gets you….!


“We are what we repeated…

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Make others better by making yourself better, get to the gym, get out with friends, help someone today.


Has someone flipped you over?!

Has someone flipped you over?!

Our lives are always going to be hard, some harder then others! Our days might be long and our nights longer but we have to rise up with the sun. They say the toughest time in life is not when no one understands you but when you don’t understand yourself. So my recommendation is to live, become a yes man or woman for a week. A yes man is someone who just says yes to everything asked of them, if its can you stay late the answers yes, if you want to go bungy jumping, yes….if you want to go dancing yes…no hesitation just live life. Find out what you love, laugh at things, and smile. Everybody tomorrow could be a better day, but today can be the best one, change your own luck!



Check out Jesse La Flair hitting the flip…The earbuds wont fall out.


Yurbuds do not fall out….thank god for their new twist and lock technology I can finally get some ear phones that last all the way through my workout. As an added bonus my friend from high school Jesse La Flair is on the back of the head phone case doing a wall flip. He is a parkour professional that just recently made it to the championship rounds of American ninja warrior. I recommend reading up on these head phones below and then buying them. If you want to test them out doing some cool moves head over to Jesses page and learn some parkour. or

The Yurbuds Ironman Series Inspire Earphones are the ultimate solution to lackluster ear buds that hurt and fall out during activity. These sport earphones feature Yurbuds’ patented TwistLock Technology. They are guaranteed to stay in place and deliver pure, exceptional sound quality that rivals much pricier earphones. These earphones are a must for runners, walkers, triathletes, weight lifters, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, hikers, climbers, or anyone who needs their music to keep up with even the most intense activity. Simply put, they are earphones that won’t fall out, guaranteed. The Yurbuds Ironman Series Inspire Earphones come with a carrying case, two sets of silicone enhancers, and our premium sport earphones. They feature a universal 3.5mm (1/4″) gold-plated stereo plug that works with iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, and most other cellular phones. For a full compatibility list, please contact”Because Yurbuds are comfortable over long periods of time and stay in place even while sweating, they’re perfect for runners, bikers, and amateur athletes who are looking for a headphone solution you barely even notice”

Earbuds La Flair


I love all my fellow workout enthusiasts that do V-sits, planks, negative situps, leg lifts, side crunches, bicycles, towel slides, ceiling presses, mayweathers, russian twists, dip raises, hanging twists, and any other abdominal ripping workouts you can think of! BUT THE ABS ARE IN THE KITCHEN, RIGHT BETWEEN THE PEPPERS AND THE MILK. What we eat is everything, the more ingredients on a label the worse it is for you, try and go natural for a week and eat organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WILL FEEL? ALIVE!!!!!! CLEAN!!! REFRESHED!!!!


If you really want to get healthy and do the easy way I suggest trying out I have had a few friends and clients that have really dropped weight ordering food cause of its ease. I still believe the produce department is the best option but improvement is improvement. 




Work hard, work smart, accept what you have, and reject the negativity.

My Next Ceritifcation..

I have found a company that is really interesting. They are very involved with their clients, and they want to make the difference in your life not just your wallet. Take a look below, and link to the website.

Who we are & what we do

American Council on Exercise® (ACE ®)Founded in 1985, the American Council on Exercise® (ACE ®) is a nonprofit organization committed to America’s health and wellbeing. Over the past 25 years, we have become an established resource for both fitness professionals and consumers, providing comprehensive, unbiased, scientific research impacting the fitness industry and validating ourselves as the thought leader and trusted authority on fitness.

Today, ACE is the largest nonprofit fitness certification, education and training organization in the world. With a long heritage in certification, education, training and public outreach, we are among the most respected fitness organizations in the industry and resource consumers have come to trust for health and fitness education.

Why choose a certified fitness professional?

The American Council on Exercise® (ACE ®) recommends only working with fitness professionals who hold a certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA has established rigorous standards for the accreditation of professional certification programs and NCCA-accreditation is the benchmark for professional credentials in allied healthcare. For more information on NCCA Accreditation please visit our accreditation page.

Suicide, a view from the inside…

One young man tells his story on youtube, it changed his life for the better and maybe it can help our students and children stop bullying and realize how they treat each other. Watch below.


Physical Education=LIfelong Fitness….Proof is in the video!!!!

You start young, you learn the rules, you get results…..end of story. For all the people who think fitness doesnt make a difference if you stick to it, watch the video..Thanks for coming..