I love all my fellow workout enthusiasts that do V-sits, planks, negative situps, leg lifts, side crunches, bicycles, towel slides, ceiling presses, mayweathers, russian twists, dip raises, hanging twists, and any other abdominal ripping workouts you can think of! BUT THE ABS ARE IN THE KITCHEN, RIGHT BETWEEN THE PEPPERS AND THE MILK. What we eat is everything, the more ingredients on a label the worse it is for you, try and go natural for a week and eat organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WILL FEEL? ALIVE!!!!!! CLEAN!!! REFRESHED!!!!


If you really want to get healthy and do the easy way I suggest trying out http://www.leangreencuisine.com/index.html I have had a few friends and clients that have really dropped weight ordering food cause of its ease. I still believe the produce department is the best option but improvement is improvement. 

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