Vegan Festival Success

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation! Plato

This is my new favorite quote! Sports, games, and physical activity really do show what type of person you are. They show your work ethic, character, morals, values, intensity, strength, agility, versatility, problem solving skills, and almost any other character trait that can come out over time while getting to know someone. Speaking of getting to know someone, I got to know myself a little better this weekend. What I found out what that all vegetables arent horrible. Okay Okay ill admit it I love grilled onions and baked garlic just like every other guy does but I am not a huge broccoli and carrot fan as a lot of other healthy people. This weekend I went to the vegetarian festival in Boston and the food was actually pretty good, some of it was great. While vegan lifestyle is not very healthy on the average because they lack proteins and have high saturated fat contents their food wasnt as scary as I thought it would be. Their fake chicken tasted just like the chinese food place, but ya know my father always said that was cat.

All jokes aside I recommend everyone to go to the vegan and vegetarian festivals. There are a lot of ways to get all natural and healthy foods into your diet easily with tasty treats at the festivals. So I will update you of the next local one in the meantime have a happy Halloween.

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