Your Children but their health!

I know a lot of people out there must not understand the health risks they are putting their children through. Today I saw a person giving their child mcdonalds breakfast in a car with the windows up and she was smoking. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, do you care about your kids future at all? Is that smoke fix really worth the development of your childs lungs? Id like to make a short list of things that are not good for your children to help out.

  • Fast food-the amount of toxins, additives, grease, fat, lard, and processed food in fast food is unimaginable. It is not good fo them this includes fridays, applebees, mcdonalds, friendlys, burger king, and any other place where the food comes out of a bag and is ready in less than 10 minutes.
  • Television/Video Games- hours of tv/games a night is not good for your child, it hurts their attention span, it allows them to be in active, stale indoor air is bad for kids, and it takes away from social interaction and development. Also teaches them that tv is a priority.
  • Smoking- Just don’t do it, risking lung cancer and development is as easy as coming home smelling like smoke.
  • Drinking-It is not cute to teach your kids to play drinking games, it will almost guarantee a bottle of liquor stolen from you liquor cabinet and a intoxicated group of 12 year olds. If you don’t want them to do it as teenagers do not celebrate it with them while they are 5. Positive parental imagery with alcohol leads to teen alcohol abuse, be aware.
  • Values and Morals-If you talk like you’re in a high school locker room, gossiping, cursing, lieing, so will your child. If you yell to get attention so will you child. If you disrespect people so will you child. Rules and regulations go hand in hand with morals and values. Teach your children to respect their elders, teach them to open doors and pull out chairs, teach them to say please and thank you to everyone around them. Teach them to ask how someones day was and mean it. Teach them to be respectful individuals so they can be an asset to their community instead of pulling it down.

2 responses to “Your Children but their health!

  1. I am so glad you posted this. So many parents act as if they don’t care anymore. It’s true, to blame the generation before. This generation is all about “convenience” !!! Everything! It’s like they can’t wait for “anything”!! We just moved back out in the sticks and I love it. It’s made me slow down and breathe! My kids (as young as two all the way to 17) go outside and get dirty! Play, climb trees, build forts and plant seeds!! It’s a different life all together. We lived in the finest neighborhood in our town ($400,000homes) and I wouldn’t trade my country spread for anything!! Plus, I’m homeschooling now; so our whole life changed!

    • Good Im glad to hear someone is getting back to their roots, but be careful with home schooling as well, relationships, socialization, and contact with other people outside of the home is very very important. Remember its not always the score on the test that matters at the end of a lesson. Sometimes its a hand shake from a friend or a help up when you fall from a kid in class. Home schooling has its ups and downs. I am a teacher so I see it when a child comes and goes from home schooling.

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