405$ Unemployment, 376$ Employment, The code of teaching.

I graduated SUNY Cortland September 2009. I have since been told it will be impossible to get a teaching job in Physical Education in any state worth living in. Hmmmm. but is what I love to do?! So now what….Well I tried to take the path of some of my fellow unemployed teachers and looked towards my resume, this is a great resume I will def get a job. It didn’t work. So then I said what extra can I do, big brothers of LI-check, coaching youth teams-check, kissing up and staying late at every school event-check. 

This did not work. So my principals and district employed people told me to go back to school and get my masters, enrich myself.

Now, I am 2 years removed from Cortland (BA) and Stonybrook (MA) and there are still no jobs, what a broken record. I have worked construction, bartended, personal trained, landscaped, washed cars, and served food in the last few years. None of which are very glorious jobs but it has kept my teaching dreams alive. Construction is slow for the fall and winter so I decided to go back to subbing and I realized something amazing, that unemployment from construction is 405 dollars a week, employment from substitute teaching is 450 less taxes. Are you kidding me that in our society unemployed construction workers are more deserving than people caring for the safety of your kids…..

After all of these revelations I have decided that nothing in our life, economy, and life plan will ever be handed to us unless we get our hands dirty. From here on out the procrastination will be non-existent, I can not say that I will be a teacher even though I was born a great one. I can not say I will be wealthy and successful but I can say I will be knowledgable. I have decided to learn like I will live forever. I will learn to tie knots, skin animals, ride a jet ski, do a backflip, how to open a business, I will do marathons, go on journeys that I have been scared to take since I have been playing it safe and sound. Now is the time to live and I will see if I can get a life out of it.

First adventure is vegetarian festival, yes vegetables…..I eat them sometimes but for the first time in my life I will be having all fruits and vegetables for a day on Halloween weekend. Maybe I can sneak a snickers if my vegan escort turns her back. Wish me well and ill let you know how it turns out.

2 responses to “405$ Unemployment, 376$ Employment, The code of teaching.

  1. Good read Dave. I got a couple of friends that want/wanted to be teachers but it either doesn’t pay enough, or it’s too hard to find a position. Keep doing your thing though man!

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