Getting fat to prove a point…! Risking health to warn a nation.

This trainer is out of his mind but his mission is accomplished. He has not worked out and eaten unhealthy for 6 months, he has gained 70 lbs and still has 4 weeks of unhealthiness left. Can you believe this dude?! Why the hell would anyone that looks like this want to look that?

I’ll tell you why because he wanted to understand how hard it is to be out of shape, how hard the people trying to get off the junk food have it. Well he found it alright, he found everything he wanted and more, his blood pressure has skyrocketed, energy plummeted, relations are wary, and he is in an overall depression.

After 4 more weeks of being unhealthy he will get back in the gym for 6 months and go back to eating healthy if he can and show everyone how healthy lifestyles and complete turn around are possible with dedication.

This is very easy to say for a trainer who has been in shape his whole life besides the last 6 months, while he might have gotten a glimpse of out of shape looks like his background will still give him full advantage. He will never truly be able to compare himself to someone with 20 years of an unhealthy diet and no workout experience.

I do admire him for his ambition and wish him the best of luck, and I hope he gets his six-pack back because I know his wife is pissed right now.

Check out the article link below:

2 responses to “Getting fat to prove a point…! Risking health to warn a nation.

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