Everyday I go to the gym, everyday I hate going to the gym! I love it when I get there and I love helping people but I do not enjoy forcing myself to the gym. You need to find what inspires you. For me its a note from an old friend left on my bedroom wall that says “Whatever it Takes”. What is it for you? I know many of my male friends out there get gym inspiration and beer muscles for the same reason, girls, or the girls they want I should say. Maybe this will inspire them.

Now my lady friends love poetic quotes or results. They envy some of the other women that have done it before them and want to be like them so maybe these will help inspire them.

And I am sure we can all be inspired to hit the gym by one of these which one is yours? Figure it out and hold onto it, since I am rather slacking for today I needed new inspiration to head to the gym during lunch….tell me what you think…

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