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Vegan Festival Success

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation! Plato

This is my new favorite quote! Sports, games, and physical activity really do show what type of person you are. They show your work ethic, character, morals, values, intensity, strength, agility, versatility, problem solving skills, and almost any other character trait that can come out over time while getting to know someone. Speaking of getting to know someone, I got to know myself a little better this weekend. What I found out what that all vegetables arent horrible. Okay Okay ill admit it I love grilled onions and baked garlic just like every other guy does but I am not a huge broccoli and carrot fan as a lot of other healthy people. This weekend I went to the vegetarian festival in Boston and the food was actually pretty good, some of it was great. While vegan lifestyle is not very healthy on the average because they lack proteins and have high saturated fat contents their food wasnt as scary as I thought it would be. Their fake chicken tasted just like the chinese food place, but ya know my father always said that was cat.

All jokes aside I recommend everyone to go to the vegan and vegetarian festivals. There are a lot of ways to get all natural and healthy foods into your diet easily with tasty treats at the festivals. So I will update you of the next local one in the meantime have a happy Halloween.

My next adventure race!

This is my next adventure race, anyone who wants to join me on the trip down oregon trail please let me know.



9 Holes at a local community Golf Course; Stewart Park Golf Course.  Proctor decision is final.  3-9  holes (depending upon the number of event participants).


basketball shoot:

At the Umpqua Valley YMCA, Roseburg, OR; 10 shots at the basket from predetermined point by all contestants. Proctor decision is final.



Single Person River Kayak Race on the beautiful North Umpqua River. Starting point is Amacher Park boat ramp Winchester, Oregon and ends at River Forks Park boat ramp Roseburg, Oregon.  This shall be a timed event start to finish by a proctor at the start and the end points. Proctor decision is final. Approx.  6.5 miles.



Single Person Mountain Bicycle Race from River Forks Park starting position to finish at Winchester Elementary School basketball courts. Predetermined route with map must be strictly followed. Timed event from start to finish. Proctor decision is final. Approx.  6.5 miles.



Winchester Elementary School starting position to finish at Roseburg High School Track. Predetermined route with map must be strictly followed. Timed event from start to finish. Proctor decision is final. Approx.  7.5 miles.


This is what our youth needs…Take his message.

Tremaine France in ‘Life Beyond Football’ does it all. Tremaine is a childhood friend and teammate of myself in multiple sports and he has the right idea on what direction we are supposed to push our youth towards, troubled or not. He is a motivational person, speaker, and overall positive human being. Take the time to watch this video and learn something about passion, drive, and what human empathy should look like.

Your Children but their health!

I know a lot of people out there must not understand the health risks they are putting their children through. Today I saw a person giving their child mcdonalds breakfast in a car with the windows up and she was smoking. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, do you care about your kids future at all? Is that smoke fix really worth the development of your childs lungs? Id like to make a short list of things that are not good for your children to help out.

  • Fast food-the amount of toxins, additives, grease, fat, lard, and processed food in fast food is unimaginable. It is not good fo them this includes fridays, applebees, mcdonalds, friendlys, burger king, and any other place where the food comes out of a bag and is ready in less than 10 minutes.
  • Television/Video Games- hours of tv/games a night is not good for your child, it hurts their attention span, it allows them to be in active, stale indoor air is bad for kids, and it takes away from social interaction and development. Also teaches them that tv is a priority.
  • Smoking- Just don’t do it, risking lung cancer and development is as easy as coming home smelling like smoke.
  • Drinking-It is not cute to teach your kids to play drinking games, it will almost guarantee a bottle of liquor stolen from you liquor cabinet and a intoxicated group of 12 year olds. If you don’t want them to do it as teenagers do not celebrate it with them while they are 5. Positive parental imagery with alcohol leads to teen alcohol abuse, be aware.
  • Values and Morals-If you talk like you’re in a high school locker room, gossiping, cursing, lieing, so will your child. If you yell to get attention so will you child. If you disrespect people so will you child. Rules and regulations go hand in hand with morals and values. Teach your children to respect their elders, teach them to open doors and pull out chairs, teach them to say please and thank you to everyone around them. Teach them to ask how someones day was and mean it. Teach them to be respectful individuals so they can be an asset to their community instead of pulling it down.

405$ Unemployment, 376$ Employment, The code of teaching.

I graduated SUNY Cortland September 2009. I have since been told it will be impossible to get a teaching job in Physical Education in any state worth living in. Hmmmm. but is what I love to do?! So now what….Well I tried to take the path of some of my fellow unemployed teachers and looked towards my resume, this is a great resume I will def get a job. It didn’t work. So then I said what extra can I do, big brothers of LI-check, coaching youth teams-check, kissing up and staying late at every school event-check. 

This did not work. So my principals and district employed people told me to go back to school and get my masters, enrich myself.

Now, I am 2 years removed from Cortland (BA) and Stonybrook (MA) and there are still no jobs, what a broken record. I have worked construction, bartended, personal trained, landscaped, washed cars, and served food in the last few years. None of which are very glorious jobs but it has kept my teaching dreams alive. Construction is slow for the fall and winter so I decided to go back to subbing and I realized something amazing, that unemployment from construction is 405 dollars a week, employment from substitute teaching is 450 less taxes. Are you kidding me that in our society unemployed construction workers are more deserving than people caring for the safety of your kids…..

After all of these revelations I have decided that nothing in our life, economy, and life plan will ever be handed to us unless we get our hands dirty. From here on out the procrastination will be non-existent, I can not say that I will be a teacher even though I was born a great one. I can not say I will be wealthy and successful but I can say I will be knowledgable. I have decided to learn like I will live forever. I will learn to tie knots, skin animals, ride a jet ski, do a backflip, how to open a business, I will do marathons, go on journeys that I have been scared to take since I have been playing it safe and sound. Now is the time to live and I will see if I can get a life out of it.

First adventure is vegetarian festival, yes vegetables…..I eat them sometimes but for the first time in my life I will be having all fruits and vegetables for a day on Halloween weekend. Maybe I can sneak a snickers if my vegan escort turns her back. Wish me well and ill let you know how it turns out.

Getting fat to prove a point…! Risking health to warn a nation.

This trainer is out of his mind but his mission is accomplished. He has not worked out and eaten unhealthy for 6 months, he has gained 70 lbs and still has 4 weeks of unhealthiness left. Can you believe this dude?! Why the hell would anyone that looks like this want to look that?

I’ll tell you why because he wanted to understand how hard it is to be out of shape, how hard the people trying to get off the junk food have it. Well he found it alright, he found everything he wanted and more, his blood pressure has skyrocketed, energy plummeted, relations are wary, and he is in an overall depression.

After 4 more weeks of being unhealthy he will get back in the gym for 6 months and go back to eating healthy if he can and show everyone how healthy lifestyles and complete turn around are possible with dedication.

This is very easy to say for a trainer who has been in shape his whole life besides the last 6 months, while he might have gotten a glimpse of out of shape looks like his background will still give him full advantage. He will never truly be able to compare himself to someone with 20 years of an unhealthy diet and no workout experience.

I do admire him for his ambition and wish him the best of luck, and I hope he gets his six-pack back because I know his wife is pissed right now.

Check out the article link below:


Everyday I go to the gym, everyday I hate going to the gym! I love it when I get there and I love helping people but I do not enjoy forcing myself to the gym. You need to find what inspires you. For me its a note from an old friend left on my bedroom wall that says “Whatever it Takes”. What is it for you? I know many of my male friends out there get gym inspiration and beer muscles for the same reason, girls, or the girls they want I should say. Maybe this will inspire them.

Now my lady friends love poetic quotes or results. They envy some of the other women that have done it before them and want to be like them so maybe these will help inspire them.

And I am sure we can all be inspired to hit the gym by one of these which one is yours? Figure it out and hold onto it, since I am rather slacking for today I needed new inspiration to head to the gym during lunch….tell me what you think…

Great Healthy Chicken Recipe

Chicken and Broccoli with Brown Rice

November 3

Grab up the chop sticks–Chinese never tasted so good! This quick and easy meal will soon be your favorite for delicious nutrition that cooks up in a flash.

4 boneless chicken breast
2 Tbsp. low sodium soy sauce
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 pkg. snow peas
1 pkg. broccoli florets
1 Tbsp. ginger
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 Tbsp. garlic, minced
1/2 cup water

1. Heat olive oil in skillet on medium heat and saute garlic and onion.
2. Add chicken, tossing till lightly browned.
3. Add vegetables, soy sauce, ginger and water.
4. Continue cooking, stirring often until chicken is cooked through, the water is reduced and the veggies are tender.
5. Takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
6. Serve with cooked brown rice.

Health Benefits
Chicken is a wonderful source of protein that is low in saturated fat and sodium. The snow peas and broccoli are vitamin rich and high in potassium and fiber. The entire meal is low in calories. Don’t add extra salt, as the soy sauce adds just enough to make it taste so good.

Check out original article following:

All my friends on here please check out this great new blog!

My friend Paula is one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen, in order to get those talents into shape she had to get her body and fitness levels into shape as well. Her webpage gives details of what inspires her, where she has been and the hard work it took to get there. Please give her blog a look at the following link.


Everyone always asks me “What am I doing wrong, I work out but never lose the weight?’

Knowing your weight is a great thing, but a scale does not tell you the full story of what you are accomplishing. Weigh yourself once every two weeks not once every trip to the bathroom, and your motivation towards the gym will be much higher.

The most important number to know and maintain a journal of is your body fat, see my early post with how to measure your body fat, please, and thank you.

You can also take a tailers measuring tape and measure the size of your muscles and body parts which will tell you how your body is changing shape from your work outs.

ENERGY- while you start to workout on a regular basis you will have more energy, be more active, and feel better during your day to day activities. I promise no scale will ever tell you, HEYYYYY you felt great this morning even though it says your only 1 lbs less.

MUSCLE is LEAN. Muscle is lean so you may not be losing weight, but since muscle has a higher density you can be same weight or heavier and smaller.

Things that also throw off weight on the scales:

Another reason to dislike scales is what I call the bathroom depression. This is when regularly sane people have the tendency to abandon all reason, lock their fridge, curse their friends and workoutout partners, and all healthy behaviors that they have sworn they wouldnt quit this time. Why bother if the scale doesn’t change? BECAUSE its not the scale that matters at the end of the story, its your progression.

Weight can fluctuate up and down as much as 10 lbs in one day: This is very decieving and full of false hopes.

•The body is over 60% water, fluctuations in your hydration levels can change the number on a scale. To much water can leave you full of water, to much salt can leave you bloated, to little water can leave you dehydrated and depleated, this is the normal up and down yo-yo scale battle people play daily. Your losing a fight with water that you need to cleanse your body.

•Food- Large meals can make you gain weight, heavy foods that weigh down your body, or highly manufactured foods which are slowly processed can show up on your scales.

Toxins-Toxins stay in your body because your body has trouble passing them since they are un natural and un-wanted by your systems.